Grist Mill House

Have you ever been to Grist Mill House? Because I have. Jan Delvey is the owner of it. Her favorite part of her job is all the painting she gets to do. Jan has worked at the Grist Mill House for over 3 years. She says that when she bought the Grist Mill House she “gave a gift to Tatamy.” When Jan bought the Grist Mill House there was still a water wheel in the basement and it’s still there. A while ago a train would go through what is now the walking trail when people got off the train lots of them would come to the Grist Mill House. They’re selling ornaments for a sick baby named Hadley. Come now before the Grist Mill House closes in the winter but they will have paint parties even though the store won’t be open and the store will open again in the spring. If you go I hope you’ll like it, because I know I did. (Dad note: For holiday crafts and gifts, go to the mill at 396 Bushkill St.)


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