Student rights

Do you/did you think some of the school policies are unfair? Well I do. At my school Nazareth Area Intermediate School, they have security cameras, but they threaten students saying that they’ll get in trouble. My teacher said “Just because I’m not out in the hallway doesn’t mean you can have your cell phones out and goof around. Dr. Holub and Mr. Yanek can still see you, and you can still get in trouble.” I thought security cameras were for children’s safety not to punish them or get them in trouble. I know there are cameras everywhere and in case of an emergency, so they can see the trouble. They say that during lunch Dr. Holub can see all the kids and if they’re doing anything wrong, but I know that in my grade alone there are 300 kids, that seems like a lot to keep track of. I understand that if the principal or vice principal happen to glance at the security cameras and see something wrong they can do something about it, but it seems like they are watching every second of every school day just looking for kids to get in trouble. So far, if they were doing that then everyone would’ve gotten in trouble, but no one really has. The teachers were threatening us before they even had the cameras working. I’m standing up for what’s right and if any kids who see this agree, comment and I think you’re awesome because lots of kids might be afraid to stand up but I’m not.


Science Talk

Did you ever make a friend that lives on the other side of the country through an email? Well I have, her name is Brooke. Brooke is using butterfly pictures for a project and my butterfly picture from my last post was perfect for what she was working on. Brooke emailed my dad (because I don’t have an email address and because that’s what was on here) to find out if it was ok to use the picture, and once she found out that a ten-year-old took the picture she offered to tell me about butterflies and answer my questions. So Brooke and I have been emailing each other for 4 days and we’re friends now. So that’s how I became friends with someone from across the country through an email.

P.S. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting I been really busy.

(Dad note: Brooke is a graduate student at North Dakota State University. Abby’s photo was incorporated into her research study.)thumbnail_image004

The injured butterfly


Do you like butterflies? Well I LOVE butterflies!!!!!! The other day I saw a butterfly with a hurt wing, but I wasn’t sure. So today I went outside with my dad to take pictures we saw some bees and some other butterflies, but I liked this picture because you can really can see the ripped wing. I think it lost its wing in a fight or a storm. It was on my neighbors’ butterfly bush. Luckily I caught the butterfly before it flew away. It was really sunny so it was hard because I couldn’t see that well. It seemed like as soon as I got my camera all the butterflies left! I could only find one and it wasn’t a monarch like I wanted, I got A LOT of pictures of it and I wanted to see some monarchs, so I said, “I’ve heard of people being camera shy but not butterflies!” and I got the perfect shot! BYE! 🙂

Tatamy garden

Have you helped out in a town garden? I have (and my dad). It was a lot of fun! I was partnered with a woman named Camille. Camille and I got a lot done. We completed an entire row of vegetables before anyone else!!!! After that if someone was working on a row we would go to the other end and help them plant stuff. They had extra potatoes so my dad and I took some home. 🙂 We were mind-blown about how much we got done! Camille and I are going to come back a lot and check on the plants. You should help out next year. I know I will! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!

Memorial Day in Tatamy

Have you ever been to a Memorial Day celebration? I have. Before I went I didn’t think that any veterans lived in Tatamy. But it turns out there are sooooooooo many!!! I never knew what the statue in front of the post office was, but it is a man in World War I with a gun in his left hand and a grenade in his right. There are only a little more than one hundred original statues and the one in Tatamy is one of them. Some were destroyed. The statue was originally in front of what is Tony’s Pizza (you can learn about that in one of my previous stories) and then it was moved. Beneath the statue is the honor roll with the names of veterans from Tatamy. They said that the people that have stars by their names didn’t make it and sadly there were some people who didn’t make it. 😦 They sang many songs, some I didn’t know and some I knew very well. I hope next year you can join us.

Lemonade stand pt. 2

We raised $70.00 with the lemonade stand and we are doing one next month. We don’t have an exact date but we are definitely doing one. I’ll post the date and time soon so stay tuned! (Dad note: Abby & Winter did a great job!)


Lemonade stand

Did you ever have a lemonade stand? I am going to. Please come to Winter & Abby’s lemonade stand we are doing it at 1 p.m. on April 8th. We are donating the money to the Center For Animal Health And Welfare which is where animals go when they don’t have homes, so they can buy food and water for the animals. We will have small, medium, and large lemonade, and ice pops too. My friend Winter and I are doing it. I REALLY hope you come. 🙂 (Dad notes: The sale will be our house at 432 Main St. in Tatamy. Call with questions at 484-280-7533.)IMG_6162