Lemonade stand pt. 2

We raised $70.00 with the lemonade stand and we are doing one next month. We don’t have an exact date but we are definitely doing one. I’ll post the date and time soon so stay tuned! (Dad note: Abby & Winter did a great job!)


Lemonade stand

Did you ever have a lemonade stand? I am going to. Please come to Winter & Abby’s lemonade stand we are doing it at 1 p.m. on April 8th. We are donating the money to the Center For Animal Health And Welfare which is where animals go when they don’t have homes, so they can buy food and water for the animals. We will have small, medium, and large lemonade, and ice pops too. My friend Winter and I are doing it. I REALLY hope you come. 🙂 (Dad notes: The sale will be our house at 432 Main St. in Tatamy. Call with questions at 484-280-7533.)IMG_6162

Grist Mill House

Have you ever been to Grist Mill House? Because I have. Jan Delvey is the owner of it. Her favorite part of her job is all the painting she gets to do. Jan has worked at the Grist Mill House for over 3 years. She says that when she bought the Grist Mill House she “gave a gift to Tatamy.” When Jan bought the Grist Mill House there was still a water wheel in the basement and it’s still there. A while ago a train would go through what is now the walking trail when people got off the train lots of them would come to the Grist Mill House. They’re selling ornaments for a sick baby named Hadley. Come now before the Grist Mill House closes in the winter but they will have paint parties even though the store won’t be open and the store will open again in the spring. If you go I hope you’ll like it, because I know I did. (Dad note: For holiday crafts and gifts, go to the mill at 396 Bushkill St.)

Tatamy car show

Have you ever been to the Tatamy car show? I have and it is a lot of fun seeing old cars, new cars, and all kinds of different cars. There where some crazy cars and some super cool cars.  I did a blog on someone who had two super cool cars and one of them was there! There was 105 cars there. I couldn’t believe how many cars were there, and so many different brands. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I meant to do a little heads up yesterday but I forgot. So check out all of my pictures.


Have you seen a bright and shiny futuristic car? Because I have. If you have, Ryan McGinley owns it. Have you seen a black van with a red stripe? Ryan McGinley owns that too. The shiny one is a DeLorean and the van is the A-Team van. Ryan always loved cars. He said he’s been redoing cars since he was about 19. He got the DeLorean in 2008 and it was covered in leaves, pine needles, tree sap, dirt and twigs. It was trashed. He added stuff, took stuff away. It took him years to repair it and repaint it but finally it was done. Make sure to go on YouTube and check out Car Crash, the DeLorean Story. It’s a 45-minute video and once you start you can’t stop watching. The A-Team van took him about less than a year to do it. Originally it was a white van with lettering on the side and an orange flashing light on top. It took some paint, remodeling and furniture and it was good as new. His partners are Duane “The Brain” Haahs and George “MacGyver” Illick and they help him repair cars (he has 5 cars) so check out the pictures.


Have you ever seen Slimer before? That’s him down there. (He lives on a porch in Tatamy). Slimer is based off of the Kids’ Choice Awards on Nick (the TV channel, not the name of a kid). He’s almost like the one that makes the slime they dump on people. Slimer is coming to… Bushkill Park! Yup. Bushkill Park is coming back and Slimer is getting his own ride and there are 8 cars on it. Mr. Carrington (the owner of Slimer) has SEVEN storage units full of this stuff. They might be putting in a Ferris wheel. Here’s a sneek peek of my post coming up about the Tatamy car show. Mr. Carrington might have a ride at the car show that starts with a “B.” If he doesn’t do do the “B” ride then he’ll do a ride that starts with “T.” What will it be? (Dad’s notes: Bushkill Park is an amusement park in Forks Township that closed in 2007. The Tatamy car show is July 31. Stay tuned!).